Alice Birney School visit, California.

Bridgeville students created this awesome bulletin board for my visit!

Fans in British Columbia read the Frederick and Ishbu books. They sent me this cool picture of their rat, Fleur, in the Castle.

Happy Read Across America Day!

Here I am dressed as Mother Goose on my way to a school reading.


How do I arrange for an author visit?
School Librarian

It's easy! Download the printable brochure on the Parents/​Teachers page of my website. Then email me at judycoxauthor@​ OR click on the Contacts page.

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what is your favorite part of the story?

What is the setting and the plot of the story ''butterfly buddies''???

You'll have to read the book to find out!

I know you like writing stories and I like writing stories too. I like the Bearinstein books. My teacher is reading the book you wrote. The rats and mice are funny. Thanks for coming to my school.
Ryan Werrell

Hi Judy, I love your books! From Sarah

Wow, Vivian! That's great!

Hi Judy! Our class is having a parade at school on Friday. It is about your book, Weird Stories from the Lonesome Cafe. I am acting as Dot. From Vivian at Hayhurst

Hi Judy Cox!!!!
I have a guestion: can you publish a book if your a kid????
Hope to hear from you soon!!!!

Yes, some kids do get their books published. I remember reading a book called "She Was Nice to Mice" by a child--but her mom was the editor at a publishing house. I'm sure that gave her an advantage! You can submit stories to "Stone Soup" and "Cricket" magazines. There are also many companies that will print just one or two copies of your book for your family and friends.

It probably makes more sense to concentrate on learning the writing craft, right now. Publication is a good long term goal, but it won't get those stories written! Each story you complete will enhance your skill and move you closer to your goal. I plan to post some writing ideas on my website in the near future, so keep checking back.

In the meantime--keep writing and good luck!
Best, Judy

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i am 8 years old . i am writing a report on you.were do you live . when is your birthday.

Hi Dalton! I'm glad you like my books. I've written 23 children's books. Look for "THE SECRET CHICKEN SOCIETY" to come out this spring. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MRS. MILLIE" will be out this spring, too!

judy I was wondering how many books have you done. my name is Dalton poore you came to our school on 4-11-11 also I'm a big fan!!!!!! my favorite books of yours is mouse o.

i am a huge fan !!!!!
from haley from heather park

i love your books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im glad you tiped back.

Hello Ben and Ariana! I'm glad you like my books. The next Mrs. Millie book, PICK A PUMPKIN, MRS. MILLIE! will be out in Fall 2009. And yes, I'd love to have you write a biography about me. Best, Judy Cox

this is my brother will.and he is 4.he dose not whant to tipe.hi mrs cox.hi!!!!!!!

is it ok if i whrit a judy cox old are you?can you whrit 99 more mrs millie books.ilove your books rillie bad.and how do we pubblish a book again?did you ever whrit a chapter book?did you ever whrit a grown up book?which book did not get to get pubblished?

how many mrs. millie books did you whrit?all of your mrs millie books.wich state do you live in?

hi judy cox.i wish you could come to our howes

hi my name is Ben and my sisters name is Ariana. we both love your books,we hope 5 more books come out this month!

i love your books. ilovedont be silly mrs. millie.i hope mrs. millie picks a pumpkin is like

Hi Mrs.Cox! my brother and i idolize you! we both want to publish a book! would it be okay if my brother and i write a biography about you ? P.S my brother and i loved it when you visted our school! it was sooooooo cool!!!!

when will mrs. millie picks a pumpkin come out

Dear Nona and Lauren,
I'm glad to hear you enjoyed "The Mystery of the Burmese Bandicoot"! I love writing the adventures of these intrepid rat brothers, Frederick and Ishbu. The books are based on two real classroom pet rats (also named Frederick and Ishbu) that I kept in my kindergarten classroom. Their second adventure--"The Case of the Purloined Professor" is available now. Best--Judy

Dear Mrs. Cox, My 8 year old daughter, Lauren, attends Seven Oaks Elementary in Eagle, Idaho and is currently in third grade. She loves school and reading is one of her favorite past times. Last year, Seven Oaks was honored to have you visit and introduce your book, "The Mystery of the Burmese Bandicoot". Lauren enjoyed your book immensely. Each day she looked forward to coming home to continue her reading of this book. It was hard for her to put it down. Will you be coming out with a second book of "The Tails of Frederick and Ishbu" series? During your visit to Seven Oaks last year, I think it was mentioned that a second book would be coming out in October of this year. Thank you, Nona Britton

Hi,Larsen! A game of "Mean, Mean Maureen Green" sounds really neat. What a cool idea! Unfortunately, I can't send you any pictures as I am not the illustrator. Why not draw your own idea of the characters? That would make your game even more personal. After all, Cynthia Fisher's idea of what the characters look like isn't the same as my idea. --Judy

Dear Mrs. Cox, Hi. I'm Larsen. I'm 8 years old and I am in 2nd grade. I read your book, Mean, Mean Maureen Green and thought it was brilliant! I'm using it for my book report project. I'm going to make a game about the story. Do you have any pictures of the characters that you could send me? I really want ones of Lilley, Maureen, Adam and Cassandra to use for board pieces. Thanks, Larsen -- WA

Hi, Amber! I will miss you too, but I know you will enjoy middle school. And you can come visit me at Pioneer! Best, Mrs. Cox

hi mrs cox well next year i will be going to middle school and i will miss you well hope have a good year next year. im ready. well try to come to the middle school.ok well buy your friend amber

Hi, Lauren!
Frederick and Ishbu's second adventure: "The Case of the Purloined Professor" is available now!

I'm very glad you liked "The Mystery of the Burmese Bandicoot". I have a great time writing books about these adventurous pet rats! --Judy

Dear Mrs. Cox, Will you be releasing a second book on Frederick and Ishbu soon? You visited my school, Seven Oaks Elementary, in Eagle, Idaho several months ago. I enjoyed meeting you and reading your book, "The Tails of Frederick and Ishbu: The Mystery of the Burmese Bandicoot". Sincerely, Lauren Britton, 2nd grade

I love the book crazie eddie

I'm so glad you love CRAZY EDDIE AND THE SCIENCE PROJECT OF DOOM! I had a wonderful time writing it. If you want to know the true story behind the book, check out my blog at!--Judy

Where do you get your ideas?
From the idea factory. I use their mail-order catalog. I usually buy a hundred or so at a time....No, seriously, ideas are pretty easy to find. They are everywhere and everyone has them! It's taking the time and trouble to make them into something that's the hard part! --Judy

were do you live?
I live in Eastern Oregon. --Judy

Hi, Brian! Hi Ellen! Thanks for visiting my website!--Judy

hey Ms cox i was in your kinder garden class and you were my favorite teacher!!!! I am in the book 3rd grade pet Brian Phillips i just wanted to say hi and your the best

Hi, Judy! I got your postcard about your new book and have placed it on my order list. We love our Judy Cox books!! Great to hear from you --Ellen at the West Linn Library

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