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My Family Plays Music

Coretta Scott King/John Steptoe New Talent Award

Nominated for a Chickadee Award from the Maine Children's Choice Picture Book Project, 2004-2005.

“The multiracial family with its rainbow of skin tones is not only a lovely multicultural statement but also a vivid reflection of contemporary families and musical tastes.”


“More a celebration of sound than a story, this upbeat picture book explores 10 different types of music.”
--School Library Journal

“...rhythmic story...buoyant tempo.”
--Publishers Weekly

Colorfully illustrated by Elbrite Brown.

My Family Plays Music was inspired when my son, then three years old, asked me why he had a babysitter every Friday and Saturday night. He didn’t really understand when I explained that both his mom and dad played in a band on weekends, so I wrote this book to describe the joys of belonging to a musical family.