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The Tails of Frederick and Ishbu: The Mystery of the Burmese Bandicoot

Book One in The Tails of Frederick and Ishbu. Now available in a trade paperback edition with cover art by the author.

This is the tale of two rat brothers who live in a cage in Miss Dove's fifth-grade classroom. One day Millicent Mallory leaves the cage door open, and the rest is history....

"Suddenly the water sluiced through the pipe with the speed of a truck, as if a hundred toilets had flushed at once, or five thousand washing machines had finished the rinse cycle, or six thousand seven hundred bathers had pulled out the plugs in their tubs and let the water drain. Frederick spun in a whirlpool. Bubbles frothed around his head. He heard a sucking noise, and then he was rushed down the sewer, farther and farther from Wilberforce Harrison Elementary School. Farther from Miss Dove and her fifth-grade class.
Farther from Ishbu."