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The Case of the Purloined Professor

Frederick is the brave one. Ishbu is the hungry one. They are lured out of their peaceful existence in Miss Dove's cage when the beautiful Natasha implores them to help rescue her father, Professor Ratinsky.

This time they travel from San Francisco to Scotland by private aeroplane, train, gondola--and meet such colorful characters as a secret clan of badgers, two vicious rat terriers, and a stuffy English show mouse. But can they save the Professor from their old nemesis--the Big Cheese?

"Cox's memorable animal characters and action-packed globe-trotting will delight fans of the previous title and newcomers alike." --Booklist

"A sequel that can stand alone, this lively adventure will appeal to able middle-grade readers who like to learn as much as Frederick does." --Kirkus Reviews

"This fast-paced story has lovable characters, humor, and unique plot twists. The author also does a great job of integrating facts about the history and cultures of the places the rats visit without intruding on the story. young readers will enjoy this high-flying, mountain-climbing adventure."
--School Library Journal

"Hilariously convoluted and beguilingly suspenseful....The book has enough adventure and romance to attract both boys and girls, enough suspense to entertain unwilling readers like Ishbu, and enough information to involve nerds like Frederick."
--Children's Literature