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Carmen Learns English

Spanish speaking Carmen is nervous about attending Kindergarten. What if no one else speaks Spanish? As she picks up English, with the help of her classmates and teacher, she teaches her class lessons about determination.

Book of the Week--University of Delaware College of Education & Human Developement

"This book is a must-read for teaching children to embrace cultural diversity."--University of Delaware

"Cox gets Carmen's narration just right, folding in both Spanish words and enough malapropisms to give readers a sense of her special voice. Dominguez's bright paintings present a basically confident little girl whose progress from anxious frowns to smiles will make readers cheer. Muy bueno."--Kirkus Reviews

"Many kids, especially immigrants, will enjoy the nonpreachy turnarounds in which Ms. Coski (whose Spanish is muy terrible) has Carmen teach the other students Spanish, and Carmen tells the class bullies that they are the ones with an accent."--Booklist

"This charming celebration of bilingualism captures both the fears and delights of learning a new tongue."==School Library Journal

"The frustrations of starting school as the only Spanish-speaking student come through clearly in Cox's tale of a girl who slowly gets a handle on English with the help of a compassionate teacher."
--Publisher's Weekly

A Reading Rockets selection!