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Make way for the boss of tetherball! Fran knows she's best at everything, so who cares if nobody wants to play with her? She has Hercules, her rowdy Newfoundland puppy, who could care less if she cheats or pushes a little. Then Fran receives the part of Princess Penelope in the school play, and she is thrilled--until her teacher warns her that she will be kicked out if she doesn't improve her behavior. Even worse, her parents are at the end of their rope with Hercules. Will Fran be able to keep Hercules and the leading role?

"The author of Butterfly Buddies (2001) offers another entertaining novel full of believable kids with recognizable problems....With a brisk plot, short chapter, and frequent pen-and-ink illustrations, this story will be a good pick for children making the transition to short novels." --Booklist